What we do

We combine technology and data science from a marketing point of view. We are focusing on delivering useful real-time or near to real-time data, to make your business decisions more agile. As an independent mediator, we are the specialist in big data monetization for any kind of companies and cases.

“Collecting big data is not enough today. You have to think of usability first”
Data Sience
data science
agile Management

How we do it

Thanks to our data anonymization tools we can enrich many different databases where the concrete data stays at the data owners sites. Adding the web ID to enriched data, we can identify and target customers through the online environment.

#AB data

#AB data

Easy to implement 01 Data Tool will allow you to enrich your data and see their business potential thanks to an easy to understand GUI.

web ID

web ID

Using additional browsing data our algorithm will define the next logical buy opportunity.

Ad serving systems

AD serving systems

RTB / programatic platforms
SMS marketing
E-mail marketing.

What you can get

We'll show you the business potential of your big data. We will propose you a solution "here and now". Our solutions are modular and applicable to any internal IT environment. Initial consultation is free of charge.

We will bring you new context to your client records. We will provide you with data-based answers to your strategic questions.

We can add real-time data to your existing scoring model, which will increase your Gini coefficient. We can increase profits on your existing clients. We are using scoring model parameters to find you new relevant consumers.

Based on your historical data, we can define patterns of behavior. Using AI we define the key factors of change, and we assign opportunities to them. This defines consumer cycle points and triggers commands.

Bussines potential analysis of your data
Enrish databases
Scoring Models
Next logical buy

ZERO ONE people

Jan Masaryk
Jan Masaryk Chief Executive Officer
acquiring customers by real data in right time, not by guessing.
Roman Neczli
Roman Neczli New Business Director
Every business is about people. We connect demand of your existing and new customers with your solutions. We process, evaluate, learn to understand and enrich your data and connect it with market data.
Patrik Kmeč
Patrik Kmeč Chief Strategy Officer
Knowing how to satisfy consumer needs today is only possible if you have real data or near to real time data.
David Ondrejkovič
David Ondrejkovič Project Manager
The most valuable asset companies have, is their data. Let’s make the most of it.
Roman Kučera
Roman Kučera Chief Technology Officer

If you have any questions regarding the business potential of your data,
do not hesitate to ask.

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